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In my dreams I'm dying all the time
When I wake its kaleidoscopic mind
I never meant to hurt you
I never meant to lie
So this is goodbye
This is goodbye

Tell the truth you never wanted me

Tell me...

In my dreams I'm jealous all the time
Then I wake I'm going out of my mind
Going out of my mind


Moby - Porcelain



De lange weg naar vrijheid

"I Died So My Country Can Live"


En ondertussen blijft het rommelen in het Midden Oosten.

Algerije :


Security forces clashed with anti-government protesters chanting "change the power" in the Algerian capital of Algiers on Saturday.

About 100 protesters were detained, according to the Algerian League for Human Rights, one of the main opposition groups that organized the rallies.

The demonstrations were mostly peaceful, with police rounding up protesters in small groups to break up the crowds.


Iran :

Iranian officials have renewed their verbal attacks and warnings against the opposition movement.

The warnings came just a few days after opposition leaders Mir Hossein Musavi and Mehdi Karrubi asked the Interior Ministry for permission to demonstrate on February 14 to show solidarity with uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt.



Godverdomme Kurt. Je had nog zoveel moois kunnen maken.


Vandaag hebben mijn broeders in Egypte bewezen dat het najagen van je droom resultaat boekt. En nu ga ik een virtueel biertje drinken :)





Mubarak : " Ik heb jullie gehoord, en ik zal er op toezien dat al jullie eisen zullen worden ingewilligd."

Niet waar achterlijke narcist;  je blijft zitten!

Kijk hier voor filmpjes vanaf ground zero opgenomen door iemand die op het plein staat. Koude rillingen..


Egypte vs Nederland



The way it goes, is the way it goes.
I'm all right to go

So go... go.

They took their things and headed for the coast
Denied of all in life they needed most
Loves forgotten child
born into the wild

Come to the coast, come to the coast, come to the coast
  it will find you...

The fallout from the California glow
Toronto's frozen over this every man should know
I've forgotten now
Won't you show me how?


So run away, so run away from here.
Just run away, just run away my dear...
  Loves forgotten child...
So go into the wild

Somebody took me away

...something controls me...


Devin Townsend - Coast

Slaap zacht, meneer de Minister-President


Gelukkig kunnen we de afdeling cybercrime in NL serieus nemen. 'Rutte veilig'  in Google. Pagina 20 ofzo. Come-fucking-on!!





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