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We’re playing with half a deck as long as we tolerate that the cardinals of government and science should dictate where human curiousity can legitimately send its attention and where it can not. It’s an essentially preposterous situation. It is essentially a civil rights issue, because what we’re talking about here is the repression of a religious sensibility. In fact, not a religious sensibility, the religious sensibility. Not built on some con game spun out by eunichs, but based on the symbiotic relationship that was in place for our species for fifty thousand years before the advent of history, writing, priestcraft and propaganda. So it’s a clarion call to recover a birthright.

Terence Mckenna , “Non-Ordinary States Through Vision Plants” (1988)

Fuck you! kabinet Balkende, fuck you Ab Klink en fuck you Hirsch Balin, fuck you!!!! Er is  in dit land een grondrecht en dat heet “vrijheid van godsdienst” en … Lees gerust door

RE: Evolutie

Terence McKenna is al sinds de jaren ’90 een held van mij geweest, ik heb ook verschillende boeken van hem in mijn kast staan. Ik zou veel over beste man kunnen schrijven (en ga dat op een goede dag misschien ook nog wel eens doen), maar voor nu volsta ik even met deze post..

If the truth can be told so as to be understood, it will be believed…

Human history represents such a radical break with the natural systems of biological organization that preceded it, that it must be the response to a kind of attractor, or dwell point that lies ahead in the temporal dimension.

Persistently Western religions have integrated into their theologies the notion of a kind of end of the world, and I think that a lot of psychedelic experimentation sort of confirms this intuition, I mean, it isn’t going to happen according to any of … Lees gerust door